8 reasons why travel incentives motivate staff

by | 24.09.18

Incentive travel is an increasingly popular way to reward staff for goals met such as long service, and to show recognition for a job well done. This is because the effects of this type of experience are felt before, during, and after, so its drives performance as well as maintaining it.

Read on for some of the main reasons why travel incentives will motivate your staff.

  • Travel incentives are more attractive than, let’s say, bonuses as it has been shown that cash rewards will usually be spent on necessities such as bills or household needs whereas travel provides a fun treat that will truly leave the staff member feeling appreciated and happier. A variety of research highlights that travel would come top on a list of desired rewards.
  • Most people prefer memorable experiences over things. The effects of an excursion last from the excitement leading up to the trip, to satisfaction long after it has occurred. This lasting result will keep the staff dedicated to the company and wanting to achieve the same reward in the future.
  • The possibility of a reward as exciting as travel provides a focus for staff, and giving them something to work for will encourage them to consider the best ways to hit targets or perform at their highest quality. It also increases morale within an office and the positive attitude will make the workplace a much happier place to be.
  • A holiday or special experience provides staff with rest and relaxation which is necessary for a good working attitude. As we all know, working too hard without a break can diminish our output so having some quality time off work increases motivation and productivity. They will return to work refreshed and ready to work.
  • Travel has universal appeal. It is incredibly unlikely that an employee would not appreciate a getaway of some sort, and with our Inspire TravelCard, recipients can use it towards a vast variety of products so there will be something to suit everyone.
  • Travel should not be considered a luxury or expensive way to reward your staff. It can be tailored to any budget from experience tickets, a 1 night spa break in the UK, a weekend away in Europe, or an extensive trip further afield.
  • This unique type of recognition can reduce staff turnover. People working for a company offering an incentive as in-demand and rare as travel will be less likely to want to move to a company that don’t present this option. If they have made enjoyable, long-lasting memories during their trip they will associate it with the employer who made it happen.
  • You can choose the type of travel that your employees will participate in to suit specific industries or teams within the business. Therefore, the trip or experience can have a learning aspect or just be beneficial to the staff member’s role, such as environmental or event research that they would never be able to get sat at a desk.

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