How embracing cultural diversity leads to a happy workforce and business success

by | 24.09.18

Many employers say that their biggest asset is their staff, and what often makes a great team is diversity. Everyone brings something unique and valuable to the table in different ways. Cultural diversity should be embraced, because with it comes a myriad of benefits. Here are four ways in which your business can embrace cultural diversity:

Be open-minded

Being open to more opinions paves the way for more variety and appreciating the difference in others can often lead to positive changes in the workplace for employers and employees alike. Everyone has different strengths, skills and abilities, and will therefore have a different perspective on things, which can help uncover previously unidentified insights into customer behaviour and business trends. If you put these learnings into practice, it can lead to improved business operation. It can be argued that the more diverse your workforce, the more likely you are to unleash a variety of hidden talents among your employees.

Make the most of individuals’ talents

At Inspire we’re lucky enough to have an array of different languages in the office, including German, Polish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian (to name a few).  A culturally diverse workforce will inevitably bring with it a multitude of languages, too. There are likely to be situations when this will come in useful, whether it’s liaising with a foreign client or translating a document. Even if it’s not part of their day-to-day role, you should celebrate these talents and use them as much as you can. It will be beneficial for business and gives your employees an opportunity to grow and develop in their role.

Shake things up

Processes and business plans are there for a reason, but it’s important to review them and make sure they are fit for purpose every now and then. Times are rapidly changing and technology is advancing faster than most of us can keep up with it, so taking a step back and shaking things up once in a while is crucial for any growing business. Drawing on employees’ different experiences and welcoming alternative ways of learning and teaching offers more opportunity to improve and enhance the business.

Celebrate difference

The world is a melting pot and there are so many things to be proud of, especially when it comes to where you come from. There’s no need to pretend we’re all the same, instead embrace and celebrate the differences. Sharing your experiences and culture with others, and likewise being open to learning about others, is a great way to bond with colleagues and broaden our outlook.

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